Finding the Right Cage For Your Ferret




Large Ferret Cages

Since ferrets tend to sleep a lo it is a good idea to give your ferret a place to sleep inside his or her cage. Since ferrets are very active and like to run around it is best if you get a large ferret cage. By large i mean a cage that is at least 20 x 20 and 30 to 40 inches deep.

The cage should be large enough to house ferret toys and accessories such as food and water bowls, tunnels etc.,

Your ferret will need lots of oxygen so be sure not to deprive the ferret by getting a cage that is sealed. Best bet is to buy a wired cage with spaces enough for the air to circulate thru the cage keeping the ferret cool and keeping him contained. Never put a ferret into a fish aquarium.

If your ferret is able to force its head through any part of the cage, then it can likely push its body through, too. Ferrets can be little escape artists if they're given the chance. You also need to make sure that your ferret's feet won't get caught on any part of the cage. All ferrets enjoying playing in their cages. If you don't pick a good cage, your pet could get hurt.



Cheap Ferret Cages

If you're on a tight budget you could always find a used ferret cage at a discounted price. one place to look would be to search on craigslist. If you could find someone local to you, you could save yourself shipping expenses by driving over to pick it up. If you do end up buy a used cage be sure to thoroughly clean the cage with a disinfectant and make sure the cage is in good shape and safe to place your ferret in.

Todays Tip!
Traveling with your pet? Search listings before your plan your trip.
If you are planning on trying to travel with your pet ferret on an airplane, visit to find airlines that allow ferrets to fly in the airplane cabin.